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Natural Wash & Care is My Curly Hair Regimen

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

What does a Curly Hair Regimen mean?

A Curly hair regimen is an overall term to talk about the way you take care of your curly hair on an everyday basis.

A Curly hair regimen involves hair products specific for textured hair. Its hygiene includes a lifestyle with Low manipulation, High moisturizing, Less hair wash, regular hair styling, and day & night hair accessories. This contributes to protecting patterns from hair dryness and keeps natural hair states and moisture lock-in.

Why curly hair needs a special hair regimen?

Natural curly hair needs a lot of love due to its particular shape which tends to be more fragile than others. Curly hair is particularly complex because each fiber has its own curly pattern. This can add some difficulties to find the right products.

Like most hair types, curly hair can be fine, medium, or thick and coarse.

I am glad to tell you that your curly hair is unique!

Compared to straight hair, with curly hair, regular trims are not necessary. Only If your Curly hair is highly damaged because of chemical use, excessive combing, heat damage, or any kind of cosmetic, then you will have to do an ultimate cut and re-started!

If you can combine good products with the perfect hair regimen you will more than likely have a chance to softened and strengthened long curly hair.

I insist on the fact that good hair care is hard to find!

Start by Looking for a hair regimen before running after hair products.

How can I transition to a natural hair regimen?

First of all, Hold on with hair manipulation!

  • Start by using Less shampoo, stop with ingredients like silicones, sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. Adopt a more natural hairstyle.

Second, you will need a lot of Self-Esteem

  • Learn to love yourself a Lil bit more, confidence is key!

Three, Learn to Educate yourself

  • Reading the ingredients before buying cosmetics and hair products will educate you a lot about your new lifestyle and more. Know what you put on your scalp. It is good or bad for your hair?

Four, Take some Inspiration

  • Following your "Dream hair influencers"! There are plenty of new hair brands and new types of cosmetics on social media. Do not hesitate to subscribe!

To finish, get Informed

  • Stay updated and take all the information useful to be ready to start your hair transition "forewarned is forearmed"!

Are you ready to try My Curly Hair Regimen?

My Kurl Hypes Testimony

hair testimony

My personal hair regimen is extremely simple. I only use Kurl Hypes Natural Wash & Care products that is my testimony.

A Natural hydrating shampoo, and a deep conditioner once a week. Multi-use hair oil and daily cream moisturizer everyday!!!! A lot of MOISTURE and wash and go!

I always sleep braided or not with a silk bonnet. I personally add some scalp drops before going to sleep and re-do the same process every morning. I cannot complain because my hair is growing tick, extremely black, and super healthy. I forget to notice that my hair pattern is between 4b-4c.


So products are not key!!!!

You will have to find and adopt a Good Hair Regimen!!!!

Kurl Hypes Natural Wash & Care Holidays Collection


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