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24 Fall 2022 Natural Hair trends We're All about this season

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

This Fall season is the perfect time to make some changes with your haircut for two reasons.

First, you will need to adapt you hair to the colder weather depending of where you are geographically located. Second, if you want to trim your hair, switch of color or simply cut it off, fall season is going to give you enough time ahead to grow your hair and get ready for the next season. In this article, we choose 24 natural hair trends that must inspire you this fall season and won't break your hair down. We also think about your pocket, if you are a girl under budget some of this can be done without spending that much. The only words for us are healthy hair!

Article written by Cynthia Ella

Date: October 5, 2022

1#Skunk stripe hair

Hair Type 2C/3A

Do you feel yourself a little grunge, rock'n'roll and easily bored? You maybe don't care that much about what can happen to your hair afterward!

Test the skunk stripe and adapt your style to your everyday mood. This one side may become your perfect match.

We love the originality and the fact that having a very light hair stripe can make you dare any type of temporary hair color such as blue, pink, green, orange and so much more!

Just have fun with colors and enjoy your unique hair color. This look give no commitment and you can change hair color in seconds. This hairstyle will perfectly fit a bold girl and match with your personality if you like to wear denim, wear tattoos and piercings.

2#Long blonde straight with center part

Hair type : 1A

This hairstyle will give you in somewhat a jlo vibe.

From Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, or Columbia we choose the long straight with center part and we will match it with all the skin tone.

No need to look further you can do this one on dark hair color, white hair, rainbow and very light hair color.


3 #High Ponytail or stylish bun

Andrea Reed @andreawiththecurls

Hair Type 3B/3C

We choose this hairstyle because of it beauty and simplicity. If you have low porosity hair, It's one of the fastest way you can get done your hair without having to use any tools and with the lowest amount of hair products.

When you need a break and don't really have the time to do too much with your hair go on with high ponytail.

This fall season our all natural edge control will be prefect to achieve this ponytail.

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4 #90's Adorable synthetic short bounce

Laura Harrier

Hair type : 3A

We have see it on all the celebrity and we found it very easy to realized.

  1. Comb your hair toward the top.

  2. Make a tight bun.

  3. Pull out 2 hair from the front

  4. Add a curly, straight or wavy ponytail extension clip and trim if necessary.

Sample and efficient.

Thank you Laura!

5 #Boho braids

Tessa Lynne Thompson

Hair type : 3A

Boho braids is a classy, long lasting and fashionable hairstyle. Who won't agree with me? The reason why we do love it that much is first of all our love for the art and technic .

When you find a dope hairstylist which master her art and nail it, add it some quality by picking the right extension which will make you stand out. This hairstyle can make you unforgettable believe me.

The other advantage is that you can keep it for few weeks when you maintain it with Kurl Hypes products aways take care of your scalp first to avoid smelly hair and dandruff.

6 #Medium haircuts for Round face

Hair type : 2 B

The medium bob haircut is one of our favorite because it's easy to keep your hair equal and healthy.

What we love the most is that when you trim your hair in October you have it long for the summer.

Brown or blond, we enjoy it without moderation!

7 #90's Blow out Kim Porter

Hair type : 1A-1B

Who said that it was suppose to be perfectly straight?

90's Trend and fashion always come back. We pick the old school blow out that you can realized with a blow dryer and big size hair rollers. During the fall season, especially if you are located in the Nord East, it tend to be very humid and rainy. This hairstyle will stop you from flat iron damage, helping you maintaining your hair healthy. If you have a 3 or 4 hair pattern you can achieve it with blow dryer. Don't forget to use our vegan hair oil after blow dryer.

8 #Finger coils/Natural curls


Hair type : 3A-4C

Pixie hairstyle always give you this kind of angle face. I hear you saying that the short afro is not for you because you will regret having your long or mid-long hair.

In reality do you prefer struggling everyday with your middle-long and unhealthy hair or be a little spicy by adding some shine or color?

This rapper is giving another life to the regular finger coils. To achieve this finger coils you can use the WASH-AND-GO. Our leave-in curl cream will keep it awesome. Must to this !

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Hair type : 4C

Shaving your head is not reserved to a small community of people and it could fit you perfectly, give you some charm and make you even look more attractive. Remember that a woman who shaved her head is about to change her life.

"Coco Chanel".

In our society, this decision is most often associated to negativity such as hair loss and bring different symbolic from one woman to another.

When you shave your hair because it goes against your will, your hair is so damage that you couldn't find any other alternative.

We actually offer a box which contains 4 products that will help you grow back your hair with a healthy hair routine. Any way this fall shaved is sexy and we love it!

10 #Long hair with head band

BARBIE NAKYA @nakya.mami

Hair type : 1A-1B

Long hair is probably the most wanted but the hardest hairstyle to achieved. In our opinion, long hair must to be ultra healthy or nothing!


Unhealthy long hair can makes you look very careless so we try to avoid this situation.

If you are using a wig as a protective hairstyle, you will need to use the right one. When I say right one I meant 100% human hair and avoid unexpected grey hair in it. If you have the possibility to color your wig do it.

We particularly appreciate this hairstyle because it gives you a nice girl look and it looks good looking when you are tall.

11#Wipsy French /Wolf cut long bang


Hair type : 1A-1B

If you are done with your regular fringe the wipsy bang will give you a new youth.

We dare this hairstyle with very long hair, very short and mid-medium hair size.

Fringe look will instantly make you look younger, the idea is to cut enough and pay with your hair texture and hair color. Why not try it with a balayage?

This hairstyle almost make me want to pull out my scooter and leather jacket.

12 #Top Side Knot

Taylor Russel

Hair type : 3 B

Effortless is my word and you can do a lot wearing braids. We choose this hairstyle because we love it for all the seasons.

This fall we decide to wear our braids very small so we can follow all the new trends. The idea is to own your braids like your natural hair.

Taylor Russel is smart and she wear them with a side ponytail.

13 #Short gold blonde

Scarlette Johansson

Hair type : 1C

Short-blond-hair color have this thing which make us want to cut off our hair every time we see it.

We put a hair strand on the side and we act like we are not the most beautiful queen.

Good a new role and seduction!

14 #90's French rolls with a bun / half-up and half down


Hair type : 4C

Are you a fan of monarchy?

Try the Duchess look it's going to give you a top quality woman look . Sza didn't hesitate to take Bardot's signature and does it with confidence and without any regrets.

This fall season french rolls are trendy so rock your grand aunt old school, look you will probably be the one bringing the trend.

Create and don't hate.

15 #Sleek low bun


Hair type : 2B

Sleek low bun is everyone favorite bun because it's classy, timeless and in reality when you don't know what to do with your hair that's the one which never lie.

If you don't like taking risks... here you go!

This Fall season with add some spice with and we can change the way we are usually ending the bun. Accessories are welcome.

16 #Bob hairstyle with a Hat

Toni Braxton

Hair type : 3C

Wearing a hat is a long time fashion habits.

We pick for you a hat with daily affirmation to remind you that you can do it and you can become who you want to be.

In the 90's Toni Braxton was already affirming her beauty.

What about having your own affirmation?

17#Wolf cut long bang


Hair type : 1A

The wolf has a spiritual meaning which represent instinct, intelligence and ingenuity.

This 2022 Fall season it's the top of the trend and it remind us the Charlie's Angles look.

We rock it with a grunge make up and a nude, pink or very dark lipstick.

18 #Curly pigtail buns


Hair type : 4C