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Wash & Go side effects #chemicalbuild #curlyhaircommunity

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Wash-and-Go is the new way to hairstyle since it is becoming very popular in the Natural Hair Community! Many people dream about getting these long and natural curls perfectly defined or want to learn the best method which is going to help them in getting the same beautiful hair results!

Co-Wash is when you are using your conditioner to wash your hair, meaning that you are completely switching your shampoo for a conditioner in order to wash your hair.

Skip the POO: Is the Natural Hair Community Right?

In fact, Hair conditioners contain many cleaning agents which kind of help cleaning but have more tendency to stick to your hair. Unfortunately, there are not as many cleanings' agents present in your conditioner than your shampoo, so this step could never be replaced. #wrong

Skip the POO with My Grandma Method?

It still works for some people but baking soda and vinegar are in fact bad for your hair. Vinegar has a low PH meaning that it is quite acidic and putting acid in your wet hair is very damaging to your cuticles.

So, Do I Need Shampoo?

Shampoo is made to remove dirt and oils from the surface of the hair fibers and the scalp. Furthermore, only conditioning your hair with water stretches the cuticles of your hair strand, making your hair look dull and more easily break.

The answer is YES! You need a shampoo! #right

Is Wash-and-Go / Co-Wash Bad for Me?

When you stop washing your hair, you will constrain a fast increase of curl definition and moisture. No-Poo** (see note below) methods will definitely change your hair texture, your feeling and make your hair look prettier and it is very simple to do but be mindful it does not work for everyone!

But What Really Happens When You Stop Washing Your hair?

Reaction depends on each individual but from what I see in general it increases hair moisture, sometimes dryness, infections and hair loss are partially seen in many men and women in the Curly Hair Community!

Build up leads to smelly hair, severe itching and irritation caused by bacteria that is thriving in the extra moisture on your scalp and it may worsen!

No POO method such as Wash-and-Go and Co-Wash are Not recommended!

Use them carefully.

Our Recommendation

Keep a Shampoo on the side. It cleans your hair and scalp, and it is going to take away any kind of bacteria from your hair. You can move back the date of your shampoo but do not skip it!

Our hair type, genes, scalp health, and how often you exercise will all have an impact on how your hair reacts to limited washing. The best thing to do if you decide to stop washing your hair is to try it out and see what happens...

No-Poo = It means Not using Shampoo in the curly hair dictionary***


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