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Wishlist for curly girls only

Today, I share with you guys my personal Fall 2020 Wishlist.

I hope that it will give you some inspiration.

Curly girl Fashion, makeup, clothes, hair care, and accessories. The Must-Have to enjoy your Holiday season. No need to spend too much money on gifts! Trust me.

3 things which matter a lot to me :

First, I need To have Healthy Hair, good skin & clean clothes. I also highly appreciate fashion and designer brands' accessory. I think that currently, the online market is full of very good unknown brands. I love to seek new trends and make a difference. FASHION: I choose to wear a Cozy Oversize Sweater and Flare Trousers. As I always say I love fast fashion. The mini bag is indispensable and trendy for all seasons. Rihanna is wearing a Louis Vuitton (petite malle).

4. Hair Water Spray bottle: It will definitely facilitate your morning. No need to wet your full head in the sink and get sick afterward. With a Spray Bottel, you will be ready faster.

5. KURL HYPES Personalized Members Box: Omg you still do not have one?

This box is a perfect gift to offer or for yourself. It contains all the hair products you will need for a natural hair regimen. A deep conditioner, a natural hydrating shampoo, a cream moisturizer, a hair growth oil, and some magnificent real dry roses which last for years.

A real proof of self- love.

6. High Fashion: Black sunglasses always.

8. My Brain Program: Webinar which fits with my personal goals only. Stop spending on your nails instead Invest in your brain it will fix your life! If you can do both why not?

9. Real Silk bonnet: I will play fancy. A Silk bonnet cost between $50 - $100 and it lasts for life.

10. RELAX: Take care of something on an everyday basis it is good for mental health.

Aloe Vera is my plant for 2020. It is a cactus and it is really easy to maintain. You can also use it for more traditional skin and hair care routines. It is beneficial, eco-friendly, and low cost.

SKIN. I forget to mention my skincare routine sorry. I only trust French brands because I have a highly sensitive skin condition (dry, oily at the same time because of over cosmetic use in the past). My skin is healing from a severe cosmetic allergy. Since I use La Roche Posey Effaclar Gel Facial Wash for oily skin. You can find it online or at any CVS Pharmacy.

What I do not need in my WISHLIST but I still want :

11. A Long black leather vest to fight any weathers

12. A Perfume

SHOP KURL HYPES Personalized Box

Available Now for Holidays PRE-ORDES.

USA & International shipping.

Sounds good?

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