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Beauty & Christmas Gift ideas for Curly hair on budget

Christmas is coming ! Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way! This Christmas we have the top last minute gift ideas and promise this year you won't be spending all your money!

Now, there are three important questions that you are currently asking to yourself:

What can I offer this Holidays Season ? What are the best deals available? What can fit in my budget?

Of course you are working on some goals that you really want to achieve for the upcoming new year and for this reason have decided to help you shop under budget.

This Christmas your budget matters and we have found more than 20 affordable gift ideas available in our online store.


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Heatless Curly Box by Kurl Hypes starting at $75. Purchasing a Curly box is very useful simply because it includes everything you need in a single box. It avoids you looking up over and over for hair products while still wondering if they are good or bad for your hair and missing out on many instructions. Heatless Curly Box is brand new to our store and it is composed with a hair mousse, curl cream, anti-itching oil and a few accessories. When you shop in our online store you can pick up any products, you are always going to receive them in a Box. So wonderful, isn't it? Our Kurl Hypes boxes are furthermore interesting because you can choose or create your box depending on your hair purpose.


A Hair Steamer; all the Curly Hair Girls know that hair maintenance is never enough. Practice being patient with a real detangler tool, you will feel just like being at the salon. This winter, use a steamer and help yourself out with a Vegan Deep-conditioner Mask from rice water collection. These two magnificent hair saviors may change your hair routine for good.


Kurl Roller & Gua Sha for an intensive skin firming massage. In our last blog article, we talked about how you can get rid of puffy face and skin aging (check last blog article). We know how important looking fresh and having zero wrinkles is important for you. Massaging your skin everyday and investing in some beauty tools have probably no meaning for you at this time. Get yourself wellness tools to rejuvenate and give your skin some tonic. You will thank me later.


Online Gift cards from $25 to $200 the gift card is a classic in terms of gift category. Regarding your budget it is a great deal because you have the choice and you can put the amount that you are willing to spend. You can offer many of them and use them at any time. They are easy to find on our website, the transaction is secured and valid all year from your purchasing date!


Kurl Hypes Vegan Bath set; you can customize it under any budget! Receive it in a Box: soaps, candles, beauty scrubs, bath clothing. Pick up any bath product and make it a set. All our products are naturally made. Our favorite touch is the no-stress candle that you can place in your bathroom for the perfect detox time.


Brand New Blow dryer, in raging price starting at $25 up to $500. Christmas season is the perfect time to upgrade some of your old hair tools such as combs etc. Add this on your wishlist or step into your hair grow season by making this choice. We suggest you buy a blow dryer of quality (many are available on the market) and don't miss the protective oil. You need to keep protecting and take care of your natural blow out during this cold winter with Kurl Hypes products.


Shop More gift ideas!


SANTA LOUNGE lingerie; One of my new favorites is the comfy, unique lingerie pieces in cotton fiber with cute pine cone patterns made from Europe.This Christmas you cannot miss our first lingerie collection design by Kurl Hypes. All sizes are available for very small sizes from XS to 3XL rock it in that "thick".


KURL HYPES Zipper Bag available in four colors on Amazon and our website. You can bring it anywhere, the bag is very light weight and easy to clean up. I personally use mine everywhere I go (work, shopping etc). It can also handle many things such as your clothes, I-pad, hair tools and whatever you want to put inside.



KURL HYPES luxurious Satin robe available in seven colors: wearing a beautiful night dress can be very powerful, if you know what I mean. Self-care is also to sleep like a queen and wake up beautiful. But don't wait for too long; the satin robes are almost sold out.


KURL HYPES New Collection of Fashion Accessories . You may love our hats for the beauty queen affirmation or simply love them for the band, our classic hat is currently out of stock. The top of the trend is the fast fashion look. Try it next time.


Business coaching class available: Do you know somebody who needs some help with business coaching? Coaching class can seriously help following up a business that needs to be developed, receiving coaching by a professional and having the knowledge about certain aspects of your business such as branding can be very useful, this class will give you the solutions to move forward within any project.


KURL PRO Laser IPL is still available for the beautician. Stop shaving and start smoothing your skin. This wonderful box comes with a free aloe vera gel, so you can recover easily after your first laser session at home. Check our Youtube video if you want to see more how I use it on my own skin. The great thing is that our instrument is FDA approved and works perfectly on all skin types. It comes with a manual with instruction and it is replaceable if you have any issue within the next 3 months.


Free Membership; It has no cost to Boost up your social media carrier with our brand influencer program. It takes only two steps to"Become a member", get privilege access to many of our brand features, increase your following and image recognition toward the public eyes. If you are looking for a brand ambassador and modeling opportunity "click members"


Christmas spirit

Giving is maybe the base of every act of love. We give to express our feelings, to reward, to express our affection and our appreciation to others. The main reason for you giving a gift to someone could probably just be communicating your gratitude. At any time, It's always good to offer something that is desired or needed but it is even better to find the little piece missing in the puzzle.


"According to me, a great gift is something that is needed, something that is missing, something which can add sparkle into a foreign eye and the most important thing is something that has no price."

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Article written by Cynthia ELLA

Date: 12/19/2022


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