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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Hirsutism is the word to explain the condition in women which results in excessive growth of dark or coarse hair in a male-like pattern — face, chest and back. Source mayo clinic

This condition can severely ruin your mood especially when you have to deal with very fast hair growth! You end up not knowing how to hide it because your hair grows back too fast. You can admit that it is visible. You have tried everything including, plucking, waxing, shaving but this extra hair growth is still unsightly and looks even thicker.

Did you ever wish you could remove those hairs permanently?

The great news is that today there is a solution! I will share with you some of them to remove those hairs for a long period of time and to improve the appearance of your skin.

The goal is to feel free and good with your own self without being under the pressure of thinking about who is really worrying about the hair on your upper lip (moustache).

Self-care and Soft treatment methods exist but before using them to be hair free, you will have to know better about your skin type and skin condition.

1. What is your Skin Type?

Sensitive, dry or regular skin. To start with the IPL laser removal system, you will have to answer those questions to avoid any kind or skin discomfort. (Test your skin with a quiz available in our next blog article) . Kurl Hypes Natural Wash & Care Login on website membership.

2. Skin Cleaning

To remove dark and coarse hair on tanner skin you will have to include a deep skin cleaning once a week approximately with a facial or body scrub (it depends on the skin area).

Before using your hair removal it's important to remove excess skin oil.

3. Shaving is the Next Step

I know that nobody likes to read about it, but you will have to shave or derma peeling the area treated by the IPL laser.


Because IPL Laser attacks the skin pigment to kill the hair follicle using high intensity light.

To cool down your skin after finishing hair removal and restrain moisture, applying pure aloe vera is recommended on the area that you want treat. This is another self-care method which is going to help during this hair removal process.

IPL Laser Removal System a Good Complement to Laser

IPL Laser light intensity is not as strong compared to the Laser that you can use at the institute called Laser pulse. The Intense pulse light is 500-1200 nanometers for an IPL Laser compared to 10 23 Watt/cm2 for a laser using beam light.

I personally use IPL Laser as a complement of Laser Institute, it avoids me going often to unnecessary sessions. It has been about 3 months that I did not need to, while I am benefiting from the same advantages. Which is great! At home, in privacy without any restraint of time. I can start when I feel ready, and I stop when I feel like it. You can also go as far as you can in a deeper area and get the softer bikini ever! Such a good thing.

Painless Sensation How do you feel after getting all these little flashes of heat on your skin? It is painless but like I said the pain is a sensation which is different for each person, but I think that you should not have a lot to worry about even if you do "No pain, no gain." A Good Investment The price is worth it! Only $100 for an IPL instrument, that you can operate as many parts as possible of your body and as you want. For this same amount of money, you can only get one laser session only at the laser hair removal institute. Pricing varies based on the size of the area up to $250 for the chin and lips.

A Gain of Time

The choice depends on you! When you are going to an institute, you take the risk of being disappointed by the work done (Not always perfect.), you can yourself have time constraints between two sessions and going back can become stressful with your agenda. Then start the bad habits, and you cannot be consistent. Although you need to get rid of hair on multiple areas of your body but don't have the time to allocate for this.

More flexible

IPL laser allowed me to do it at home and be able to transport it in my tote bag for the weekend, in my suitcase to travel. It gives this invention 5 stars! I Gain time and save money.

Longtime Benefits

For perfect results it is suggested the process of hair removal is repeated 2-3 times and ensures all the body parts should not be repeated and omitted.

  • Using it for 6-10 times as a hair removal cycle.

  • Use one time every two weeks for up to six times if hair grows back.

  • If you find new thin hair growing after, use it, operate one time every 2-3 months at this place, and continue gaining satisfying results until the hair area grows by a small amount, about 30%. Source: KURL HYPES IPL Laser User ManualWhat's wonderful?

Your skin will rejuvenate after about 1-3 months of consistency, you will be able to enjoy and rediscover your baby skin like back in the days.

How long does it last?

IPL is a good complement for Laser Hair Removal Session. It avoids you going more often or will totally stop you going back to the institute. It definitely accelerates the permanent loss of the hair follicle.

Which means that having an IPL Laser Hair Removal System at home is more than necessary when you have excessive hair grow issues. It will help you to lose your hair on any treated part.

Self-care is important for the process to be effective and Long Term.

IPL laser treatment works well on healthy skin, and it is a suitable method to remove hair.

Price: $120

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