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How to massage your face improving skin elasticity and drainage (no more puffy face)!

Facial swelling can have multiple causes. So, you just wake up in the morning and realize that your face looks bigger than usual, sometimes it can even worsen when you keep this swollen face for an extended period of time. I know it can be very difficult and you can also become very insecure about it. We all agree about this beauty issue.

In the medical file facial swelling is named facial edema, remember to contact a medical professional if swelling continues to increase and causes severe pains. Although today, we will not talk about how to treat health problems.

The topic is how to overcome a temporary swollen face with an easy skin routine and every day facial massage to improve your skin elasticity.

Facial Maintenance is very simple to do, and it can avoid you to go into radical methods such as cosmetic surgery when you keep this in your beauty secret habits.

First thing to do

1. Start with a clean face

Starting on a skin clean is essential. We recommend a very simple and gentle cleaning with natural products (natural soap, form cleanser etc..) before using any kind of tools. Wash your face with warm water to open your skin pores, avoid hot water that can cause breakouts with striping oils, and end up with cold water beneficial for all skin types including dry or acne-prone skin. It will be even better if you have some ice available!

2. Massage with KURL Facial Roller, a wonderful tool

Steps to use a professional tool at home

  • Use a circular motion to rub your facial roller into your temples.

  • Use your KURL Gua Sha to massage the sides of your face, starting at your chin and moving up toward your ears

  • Press and glide your Kurl Gua Sha into your brow bone. Move from the inner to the outer corner. Then do the same...

If you haven't thought about using our Kurl Facial Roller, you will miss something in your efficient skin beauty massage. The instrument is everything, a white and beautiful Jade stone valued for its beauty and utility. Our incredible logo, nice and attractive on a perfect finish designed box. It will offer you a real quality and relaxing time at home. Available to pre-orders Tag #kurlhypestools

The Jade Facial Roller massage is known for helping release fluids retained in the face, while also increasing blood flow, draining puff-inducing fluids (facial bloating) and detoxifies the face.

Other option: The Old school method

I used to use a big spoon that I was keeping in the refrigerator to perfect my skin routine with a spoon cheekbone massage and reduce my dark circle. Nowadays, we have better and prettier tools.

You can also choose to use your two hands with a circular motion!

I told you that's very easy...

Kurl Facial Roller $27.99

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