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Believe, Be Consistent, and Challenge Yourself it is a Key to success!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Kurl Hypes launched a big contest on August 28th.

The goal was to be consistent in supporting a Small Hair Business Company by sharing and liking the brand posts for 30 days!

We can think that it is something which was simple but consistency in any kind of discipline can tend to be very hard. First of all, why somebody would like to share and like someone else posts and follows a foreign company contest for 30 days??

Contest Directions :

  1. Like the post & follow our page

  2. Tag 5 besties in every post that we shared since 08/28

  3. Share the @kurlhypes_natural products that you would like to receive in your story

  4. Remember to Tag @kurlhypes_natural in your story

Reyani did it and she won $67 of Hair Products directly shipped at her home in Philadelphia. Such a great example of motivation and proof of women empowerment by supporting another women business every single day.

We are extremely thankful for her helps and the other participants because today more people know Kurl Hypes brand and want also to be a part of the adventure.

Thank you, girl! and Congratulations again on your well-deserved success.

Big up.

Reyani KURL HYPES 30 Days Challenge Winner

Products for Curly Hair :

Shop Deep conditioner (Shea, Amla oil & Papaya)

Multi-Use Oil : Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Mango & Macadamia

Natural Hydrating Shampoo : Black Soap, Ginger & Jamaican Black Castor Oil

"Women growth with actions."

Become a part of Kurl Hypes Membership Program and enjoy all our benefits including Free Webinars, support in your projects, and finding solutions together.

We want you to do better, we want you to do bigger.

Follow this 3 steps :


  2. Click Members

  3. Sign Up

  4. Welcome to our Community.

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